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Knowledge should be available everywhere


NATO has 72 schools and trains 82 nationalities with tens of thousands of students on an annual basis. Future Learning provides support for the NATO ILIAS environment and in building courses and learning content.

Support learning process of students and teachers


Bender offers an extensive portfolio of education and training in the field of Social Legislation and Care. The ILIAS learning environment managed by Future Learning is used to offer blended learning.

Offline e-learning for remote and shielded locations

Thales Netherlands

Thales Netherlands, a leading company in the field of technology and safety, was looking for a safe learning environment that offers online e-learning locally and offline in shielded locations.

Digitizing learning and quality management system

Interfood BV

Interfood is a global supplier of dairy products. The high-quality knowledge and expertise in this area has been made available in an online quality management system. Future Learning manages the ILIAS system for this purpose.

Optimize learning outcomes of novice pilots

United Arab Emirates Air Force

Future Learning built and delivered for the United Arab Emirates Air Force in Dubai. It is an ILIAS environment and a connected multiplayer game for learning maps for pilots.

Learning environment as a marketing tool


WhP uses the ILIAS platform as knowledge platform for marketing purposes. Future Learning helps WhP with the creation of Knowledge Content for the ILIAS Information and Work Cooperation platform.

Effective classroom education with blended learning

International defense organisation

Future Learning was asked to optimize and modernize the learning environment for this defense school. Also, to build a competency-based course curriculum, which this organisation can update, manage, and supplement itself.

Suitable learning offer for every target group

Bunge Loders Croklaan

Bunge Loders Croklaan supplies high-quality vegetable oils worldwide. The learning environment managed by Future Learning contains all the self-developed learning material for every target group inside and outside the company.

Powerful blended learning platform

ATS Applied Tech Systems

ATS provides many training courses and courses both nationally and internationally. The online learning platform is used for offering all teaching materials and also for exams and tests.

Blended learning in a modernized ILIAS environment

Important Dutch armed forces unit

This part of the armed forces is active at airports amongst others. It is important that the relatively young target group can learn quickly, also on site on mobile devices.

Helping volunteers get started smarter with online learning

Local Funds Foundation

For Local Funds Foundation Netherlands it was a challenge to train volunteers quickly and without high costs. Online learning offered the solution, on the ILIAS platform and with the support of Future Learning.

Online training, tracking and reporting for new employees

Training Response Network

The American police has a lot of young and new employees. They must be continuously tested and trained in order to be able to act safely and adequately in daily practice. An online platform has been offering the solution for years.

Restructuring training plan and start e-learning


Allnex uses e-learning to optimize the production process and safety training. In addition, for promoting product and production knowledge. Future Learning helps to realize this now and in the future.

Integrating e-learning within the HR ecosystem


Bartimeus uses e-learning to train existing and new employees, as well as volunteers. The learning environment is linked to the AFAS HR system. Future Learning has realized this bi-directional link. This link helps Bartimeus to support and automate the entire training process.

E-learning product knowledge for good customer advice

Bolton Adhesives

Bolton is an international brand with many well-known brands in the field of adhesives such as UHU. Future Learning has built an e-learning environment for Bolton for education and training of sales staff.

Customized learning platform to develop training courses

Ewals Cargo Care

Ewals is an (inter)national transport and logistics company. The laws and regulations in this area are extensive and changing rapidly. In order to support the training and education also for staff on the road, Future Learning helped Ewals build an interactive learning environment, also available on mobile devices.

Developing content within learning platform

Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland

In the healthcare sector, a lot of knowledge assurance and knowledge sharing takes place. Franciscus Gasthuis produces its own e-learning modules and makes them available via an LTI link. Future Learning has specially developed this LTI link.

Manage and set up a learning platform for the individual participant

IPV Training en Advies

IPV provides training and education for practical personal skills in technical industries. They do this with hybrid learning, a mixture of different learning forms. Future Learning provided the learning environment for IPV.

Online training courses directly accessible to users

MCB Nederland BV

MCB offers an online campus with courses, training, and education in the field of metal knowledge for all internal employees, but also for schools. Also available internationally.

Electronic reporting via e-learning to the European Union

Visveiling Urk

Future Learning provides Visveiling Urk with a learning environment for education and training on electronic logbooks for the fishing industry. This is done with online modules that can also be followed on board.

All drivers the same modules in their own language

Van den Bosch Transporten

Van den Bosch transport and logistics has been using e-learning for many years to train employees including drivers. The regulations within this sector are increasing sharply, which means that the training need is high.