Do employees find it difficult that they have to log in several times to different systems, thereby reducing productivity? Do employees find it difficult to remember multiple passwords?


Single sign-on software (SSO for short) enables end users to log in once, after which automatic access is provided to multiple applications and resources in the network. This is called “One-time login”.
The benefits of single sign-on are:

  • Simplicity for the end user
  • The end user is more productive
  • Offers the possibility to sharpen the only remaining login procedure and make the network more secure.

When the single sign-on is used to link accounts, the end user will only have to remember one password. Single sign-on is often combined with authentication management within organizations. This further simplifies the login process by using a user pass and pin code when logging in.

Added value of SSO for:

  • The Management Team (mt), because SSO contributes to one of the most pressing organizational issues at the moment: how do I increase productivity?
  • IT, because it shows that the IT department thinks along and offers concrete solutions for organizational issues.
  • HRM, because untraceable passwords are one of the biggest annoyances for employees.
  • Security and Compliance, because employees are much less inclined to turn to risky digital solutions.


We offer a seamless connection from the Intranet environment to ILIAS without having to log in again, possibly via another SSO application. A major advantage is the accessibility of e-learning modules in ILIAS. In addition, management is facilitated because ILIAS accounts are created “automatically” if they do not yet exist, when the user is authenticated once by the SSO environment.

Target audience

All employees from medium-sized to very large organizations, possibly with multiple branches internationally or nationally. Users of multiple business critical applications or content within one centrally accessible environment.

Step-by-step plan and proposal

The following steps are required to make the Single Sign On function:

  1. The customer uses ILIAS 5.3 or the server will be updated to ILIAS 5.3
  2. The customer already has an Identity Service or Federated server (Microsoft Azure ADFS) or else we will set it up
  3. Users all have a unique e-mail address
  4. Does it concern internal users, external users, which locations are there?
  5. Based on these preconditions, we jointly prepare a detailed project plan and an implementation on a test environment
  6. We implement the link on the production environment and the customer starts using it
  7. We perform project management together with a designated project manager from the client’s organization

We are happy to make a proposal based on an expert session (also by telephone or via our conferencing environment) for the realization of an SSO for your organization based on ADFS or a comparable environment.

“Future Learning has successfully realized an SSO link with the ILIAS environment of Interfood”.

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