Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

About Future Learning BV

What does Future Learning BV do?

Future Learning BV offers educational services and learning management services meant to facilitate the training of employees, customers or students and make them more effective. Our services deliver a high return on manageable costs.

We also provide training and offer hosting, update, backup and helpdesk support through our managed services.

What is meant by managed services?

This allows the customer to outsource certain tasks to Future Learning as a service provider. The customer continues to perform other tasks himself and determines the balance between the tasks. These agreements are recorded in a transparent Service Level Agreement.

Some examples of tasks that can be outsourced to Future Learning BV are: hosting, update, backup and helpdesk support.

Take a look at our offer of Managed Services.

Hosting, what does that mean exactly?

Hosting is ‘providing shelter’ for a website like ILIAS for example.

An ILIAS environment must be on a server that is connected to the Internet. Hosting ensures that this server is managed and that your website is accessible.

Good web-hosting requires a lot of technical knowledge that Future Learning BV can offer. Take a look at our offer of Managed Services.

What are educational services?

Educational advice when drafting clear didactic concepts and / or developing content.

Take a look at our offer of educational services.

What is content?

Content can in fact literally be translated into ‘the content within a pre-specified context and container’.

Content therefore has an always adapted execution and meaning, depending on the ‘container’ in which it is placed.

For example, a learning management system can contain the following components as content:

  • Text: explanation of how the environment works; explanation of the execution of tasks / lessons; titles of various topics; etc..
  • Curriculum; class; curriculum; didactic template; etc..
  • Learning module: container in which, based on clear learning objectives, defined learning material is offered. This can be done through: text; photos; animations; gamification; interactive videos; VR; etc..
  • Test; order; survey; etc..
  • Forum; word list; wiki; etc..
  • Etc..

With every project in which content is developed, it must be clear beforehand to all parties about what content it is exactly.

Also take a look at our offer of content development.


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