Coachview and ILIAS


A training organization uses an administration package (such as Coachview) to manage the training sessions, registrations, commercial processing, etc. Via the website, customers register directly for courses. Training is blended and the training materials are per course in an ILIAS library. It is important that the training materials in ILIAS per client, including e-learning, can be managed and used from Coachview and that any results achieved are fed back.


A link has been developed between ILIAS and Coachview, as a result of which the materials in ILIAS will form part of the training courses in Coachview. The handling of this takes place automatically from Coachview, no more manual actions are needed in ILIAS.

Target audience

Organizations that want to automate the overhead of their training, given its quantity and the recurring nature. Clients of the training organization who, in addition to registering for the training, also have access to the training materials in preparation and also accessible during the training and afterwards.

Step-by-step plan and proposal

The ILIAS REST plug-in from Future Learning communicates with a course administration package in the Cloud through direct communication of data. The following steps are required for the link to function:

  1. Together with the client, we map out which data is important (courses, sessions, users, results, criteria for passing, activation/deactivation of users)
  2. The client is already using Coachview or is planning to use a training administration system such as Coachview or another package
  3. We configure the link together with Coachview and test it based on a number of concrete exhaustive test cases specifically for the client’s application
  4. We implement the link in the production environment and the customer starts using it
  5. We perform project management together with a designated project manager from the client’s organization

We are happy to make a proposal based on an expert session (also possible by telephone or via our conferencing environment) for the realization of a Coachview – ILIAS link for your organization, or another link based on REST.

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