International Defense Organization

Effective classroom education with blended learning

A large international defense organization has several schools worldwide. Each school provides education and training in a specific area. For example, international relations or communication between defense and civil organizations.

The question

One of the schools wanted a new version of ILIAS with a modern user interface that also had to work well on mobile devices. In addition, they wanted to work with blended learning to better prepare and test employees before they travel to the school. 

The level of the employee can be better estimated with an assessment in advance.  As a result, classroom education can be much more effective because employees will be taught and trained at their own level of competence. For example, it is better to do an ‘awareness’ training online before you arrive on location.

Future Learning was asked to realize this together with their teachers in a short period of time.

The solution

Future Learning has built a new ILIAS environment based on the latest version. 

The look & feel and user interface have been modernized. The navigation in ILIAS was adapted with visual representation of courses based on tiles. This also works well on mobile devices through responsive design techniques.

Future Learning has also provided didactic support in creating some important courses and provided the storyboards for this purpose. The further development of the design and implementation of this course was also provided by Future Learning, including various learning modules and animations with voice-over.


  • A modern attractive user interface that works well on mobile devices, for ILIAS to function well in any situation
  • ILIAS environment that fits well in appearance within the website of this organization
  • An assessment that measures multiple competencies and gives employees access to learning at their own level
  • Didactic responsible courses which can be used as templates for other courses that can be created in-house
  • The teachers have gained experience in creating didactic-responsible courses
  • Multiple e-learning courses that can be used for distance learning in these Corona times
  • A project that was realized in a very short time and which has been tested by several international employees and considered to be excellent