Knowledge should be available everywhere, including the field

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) is engaged in applied technical-scientific research for the alliance, especially on intelligent computer systems. Supporting NATO operations is top priority.

The question

NATO JADL Joint Advanced Distributed Learning and NCIA wanted a new version of ILIAS with a modern user interface for all NATO schools worldwide. This also had to work well on mobile devices through a responsive design, so military personnel could also use ILIAS in the field.

Future Learning was asked to execute this for NCIA.

The solution

Future Learning has set up a new ILIAS environment with the full NATO training structure. All NATO schools, such as the NATO school in Oberammergau and the Center of Excellence for Civil Military Interaction in The Hague, have their own online space.

To ensure a constant operability worldwide, separate but synchronous servers had to be set up in the United States as well as in Europe.

The design of the new environment has been completely modernized and adapted to the requirements and wishes of mobile use. 


  • A modern user interface that works well on mobile devices, so ILIAS also functions in the field.
  • Advanced search feature in the main menu, which makes it easy for ILIAS search engine to find content with NATO course codes.
  • User-friendly templates with a standard structure and design that are easily customizable per NATO school.
  • Proper operation of the ILIAS servers between THE USA and Europe: if one of them fails, the other can take over the tasks immediately.

“The Future Learning-equipped reference server for all NATO schools has been rolled out globally as blended learning plays an increasingly important role in training in the defense world.”

Paul Thurkettle – Section Head, Education & Training Technologies, e-Learning Programme Manager, NAVO

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