Thales Netherlands


Offline e-learning for remote and shielded locations

At Future Learning, we are passionate about delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance learning and ensure safety in a rapidly evolving world. Our partnership with Thales Netherlands illustrates our commitment to meeting the highest standards of technological innovation and security expertise, and our crucial role in ensuring national and international security.

Challenges of Thales Netherlands

Thales, a leading technology and safety company, sought to implement the open source LMS ILIAS, a system that is not only supported by the Dutch Ministry of Defense but also promoted and used by NATO.

Thales had an urgent need for a learning environment that allows users, both locally and in remote locations, to take courses safely, even when internet access is unreliable or unsafe, such as in restricted (foreign) locations.

Our Solution: ILIAS Implementation and NOMAD Plugin

Future Learning, with our NAVO Facility Security Clearance Certificate (FSCC), was ready to support Thales in this critical task. We carried out a tailor-made ILIAS implementation for Thales and transferred our expertise via”ILIAS trainingen“, giving Thales full control over their own system.

To enable the desired ‘offline learning’, we recommended developing a custom plugin, now known as NOMAD. This plugin enables Thales to train safely, even in (foreign) environments.

The result: Optimized ILIAS and secure offline training

Thanks to our collaboration with Thales, the company now has a configured ILIAS environment that fully meets their specific needs. Administrators are trained to manage the platform effectively, while the NOMAD plugin enables offline learning paths in accordance with the highest security standards. The complexity of the plugin has led us to gradually develop extensions in one specific ILIAS version.
The process of offline training involves safely preparing and running courses in remote locations. Our solution includes encrypting and storing data, setting up local ILIAS servers and providing access for learners over local networks. Upon completion, progress and user data are safely exported and stored, while the equipment used is completely erased for the return journey. This guarantees not only effective knowledge transfer, but also the secure management of all data.
At Future Learning, we are proud to have helped Thales Netherlands achieve their e-learning and safety goals. Our continuous commitment to technological innovation and our expertise in safety make us your reliable partner for e-learning solutions in a rapidly changing world.

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