Administration and training courses (sequel)


Administration and training courses (sequel)

How can you shape learning processes in ILIAS and then monitor them? How to use ILIAS in the smartest way? What can you do with the personal desktop? What is the course editor?

For whom?

Are you a teacher and plan to set up, monitor and control learning processes, etc.? Then this training is suitable for you. The training is a follow-up to the ILIAS training Administration and training courses (basics).


  • Planning learning processes in courses
    • Offer subject material in a time-controlled manner
    • Offer result-oriented learning
    • Providing learning material focused on learning objects (ILIAS sets priorities)
    • Providing course material based on a study plan (teacher determines)
  • Control of the learning processes
    • Introduction to the progress check
    • Setting up a progress trajectory
      • In courses
      • With individual learning objects
    • View progress reports
    • Export progress reports
  • Create course certificate
  • Personal screen, create and manage:
    • Objects in my workspace
    • Calendars
    • Notes and comments
    • Bookmarks
  • Cursuseditor
  • Graphic design of the course
  • Free choice topics

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