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Instantly accessibility to online training

MCB is a metal wholesaler with a wide range of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous and has been around for over 75 years. MCB helps their partners with progress, improvement, innovation, ambition and growth. Through this way of working they provide advice, services and products fitting to the millimeter

The question

MCB was looking for a way to quickly train employees without having to organize classroom lessons. If warehouse workers who work with large hoists want to update their security knowledge about this, they need to be able to do so quickly. For example, by sitting at the computer for half an hour and answering some questions.

Future Learning was approached for advice on the choice and design of a learning environment and the development of modules.

The solution

MCB was pleased with the possibilities that Future Learning offered with ILIAS to a visually set up of the learning environment. This makes it easy for employees to find their way around.  Also an advantage, is the multitude of functionalities in ILIAS such as developing content in the learning environment, forum, chat function and testing opportunities. Financially attractive, because ILIAS is an open source system, while still being a reputable safe learning environment.

The educationalists and content developers of Future Learning offered a plan for the development of the technical modules Materials Science, for which MCB only needed to provide the subject material experience and media.


MCB is now a very enthusiastic online ‘learning organization’. Future Learning has designed and equipped the learning environment ‘MCB e-campus’ in close consultation with MCB. The employees find their way easily, are enthusiastic and like to participate in new (learning) ideas.

Future Learning provides hosting and technical support for ILIAS as part of Managed Services. A functional support contract has been closed for practical questions, assistance in the management and reflection on the further development of the ‘MCB e-campus’.   

The technical modules Material Science have been enthusiastically received and are an important part of MCB’s curriculum.

“Many large companies and organizations work with ILIAS, so we didn’t worry about the security of the systemm. NATO also works with it, for example. Also important to us is that the system is suitable for tablets. The Future Learning team is thinking along very well. As far as we are concerned their strength lies in the pleasant way of working together and their diversity of knowledge.”

Hélène Beesems - Senior Learning & Development Adviser, MCB Nederland B.V.

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