Visveiling Urk

Learning electronic reporting through e-learning

Visveiling Urk (Fish auction Urk) is a nationally and internationally oriented company and has a strong market position within the European fishing industry. With their own electronic logbook, employees in all Member States can report to the European Union.

The question

E-Catch is an electronic log for fishing. The logbooks are based on a reporting obligation to the European Union. Each Member State may give its own interpretation, but several things must be mandatory and reported in a certain way.

Future Learning has been asked to help with a solution that meets the need to train employees in how to handle electronic reporting.

The solution

Most of the employees of Visveiling Urk are fishermen who should be able to follow the training offer at their own pace, time and location. Presenting the trainings as e-learning was therefore the best solution. The choice of ILIAS as a digital learning environment offers the possibility to:

  • Develop the training content
  • Track employee progress reporting
  • Be used in all desired locations and mobile devices 


Future Learning has set up a digital learning environment with ILIAS and provided the corporate identity. Course material can be placed and developed. The learning results of Visveiling Urk employees are to be monitored perfectly due to the reporting capabilities of ILIAS.

At first, we wanted to do it ourselves, because we make our own software, so we thought let us just do this ourselves.

It turned out to be way more difficult than expected to create a digital learning environment, for example for the reports behind it.”

Pieter van Slooten - Head of Automation Visveiling Urk of E-Catch

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