Web conference independently

Interactive conference via the browser
Our online communication solution is based on the stable BigBlueButton ™ Web conference system.
This has been used for years by many organizations worldwide for training, education and communication.
Web conferences and online communication work without problems on any laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone via Wifi or Mobile Internet at home and abroad. Invitations can be sent via email and calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook.
Anyone can easily participate in a work meeting or the virtual class by clicking on a hyperlink. The session can be saved as a video file for later viewing.
The interactive functionalities in online meetings such as chats, taking notes or the ability to draw while giving a presentation are very important to motivate people. The result can be used as learning content later on.

Overview of the possibilities

BigBlueButton works well in any browser because this system runs entirely in HTML5. So you don’t need apps.


  • Organizing Virtual Classes via online communication;
    catch up with colleagues via image and/or sound;
  • easy to understand the user interface;
  • chat with the participants;
  • share PDF documents and presentations;
  • modify or annotate files;
  • whiteboard usable for multiple participants;
  • organize separate small meeting rooms;
  • save and review the entire session;
  • organize marketing meetings with prospects;
  • blended learning by sharing the session as video.

introduction video about BigBlueButton




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