Learning environment as a Marketing tool

WhP is a localization company specializing in technical documentation and e-learning, with offices in France and Canada. Over the years, they have developed a unique expertise and designed customized apps and plug-ins. 

The question

WhP’s lead generation process is based on conferences, webinars and physical or virtual one-on-one meetings. WhP wanted to be able to reach potential customers even more directly with on-demand sessions.  Given their e-learning expertise they chose to design these sessions with Articulate Storyline and host them using a powerful LMS.  

The goal was to select not only an LMS that would support future WhP initiatives, but also a partner to show them the way. With this goal as a question, WhP joined Future Learning.

The solution

WhP chose ILIAS as LMS because of its versatility and the ILIAS community behind it. 

Future Learning was chosen as a partner because of the understanding of WhP’s objectives, which differed from those of a training organization, and the knowledge of both ILIAS and Articulate Storyline.

Future Learning has:

  • Guided the configuration of ILIAS with online sessions and documentation  
  • Developed and supplied a corporate identity based on WhP’s website
  • Trained WhP in how a specific exchange of information between the Articulate Storyline modules and ILIAS can be established and reported


WhP now offers bite-sized interactive sessions through ILIAS. These can be viewed on-demand by potential customers to quickly resolve localization issues.

WhP can generate all the marketing information that is important to them.

According to WhP, Future Learning was able to optimize the efficiency of WhP’s project and has met a challenging deadline.