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Is offline offering of e-learning meaningful?

Who can benefit from offline learning? Offline e-learning, a method of learning often overlooked in this digital age, deserves more attention than it typically receives. Offline e-learning refers to the practice of providing educational and training materials that do...

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How does offline learning work?

Do you use an app or prefer a mobile classroom? Using a mobile app for offline learning can indeed be convenient, but setting up a mobile classroom with a secure network can offer several benefits that go beyond what an app can provide. 1. Enhanced learning...

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Do you also work with freelancers in your industry?

Hiring a freelancer has advantages for many organizations. It offers a bit of flexibility and it can be financially attractive to opt for a self-employed person. But it is essential that the person you hire already has the desired level of knowledge. Or maybe someone...

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E-learning versus classroom learning

ROI learning solution calculation example To calculate the ROI (Return On Investment) of a learning solution, you must define the situation well. If you want to compare the ROI of e-learning versus classroom learning, you have different variables than when you compare...

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Introducing: Robert

"I am Robert Kuunders and I work as a Senior ILIAS consultant and system administrator for Future Learning. I will briefly tell you about a working day at this beautiful company." Maintaining the servers “A large number of servers are...

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Quick onboarding to offer quality immediately

The job market is overstrained, there are now even 133 vacancies per 100 unemployed (source: CBS). A logical consequence of this is that there are inexperienced employees in various positions. Look at the problems at Schiphol, but also in the catering industry (where...

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