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ILIAS 6 has arrived!

Moving away from the 'website look' and towards that of an app: ILIAS 6 sees big changes in ILIAS's look and navigation. Hiding in the background, however, you'll still find the tried and trusted open source LMS and all the possibilities it opens up. 107 new features...

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Corona times asks for online learning and training

In the current “social distance” time there is especially a need for efficient and effective knowledge sharing, both for government, schools and companies. Luckily the digital world is available and is safe and secure for sharing knowledge rapidly. Online learning has...

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Learning Analytics in ILIAS based on xAPI

  Our colleague Göran Kattenberg gave the interesting presentation 'The potential for Learning Analytics in ILIAS based on xAPI, next to LTI' at the International ILIAS Conference in Dresden. Now that the recordings of the presentations have been published, we...

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Release Notes ILIAS 5.4

Every year ILIAS releases a new version. A number of new features are included and/or existing features are adjusted. The most important innovations are mentioned by ILIAS in the following notes, with some interesting application examples.Release note ILIAS 5.4 With...

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Life-long learning? Make learning fun!

If people realize that learning is fun, besides being necessary, then people will automatically continue Life-Long Learning and Life Long Developing. Learning becomes 'engaging' when employees and participants start to see that they have something to do in the short...

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