Restructuring training plan and start e-learning

Allnex is a global producer of Coating Resins that offers multiple products under one roof. Allnex offers their customers extensive expertise and numerous solutions to create value in the next steps of the supply chain.

The solution

Allnex Netherlands B.V. wanted to offer online (and offline) training to all employees involved in the primary process. There was already a lot of material available, but a clear consistency was still missing. In addition, several of the existing teaching modules needed to be updated. The material was not yet available online and was still presented as paper documents to the employees. There was a digital learning environment available: Cornerstone. However, this was still mostly empty.

Allnex Netherlands B.V. asked Future Learning to lend a helping hand in structuring the material, to help design the digital learning environment and to transform paper modules into e-learning.

The solution

The educationalists of Future Learning have in close consultation with Allnex Netherlands B.V. :

  • mapped and analyzed the situation and all the content present  
  • written a plan of action to bring structure to all content and the possibilities to digitize it
  • defined the first learning goals
  • explored the possibilities of e-learning lesson modules 
  • made the choice for the pilot lesson module: a no-nonsense e-learning about Crater Prevention, which must be followed by really all employees.


A nice step made by Allnex Netherlands B.V. in restructuring the training plan. From only classroom education to blended learning.  

A new e-learning module ‘Crater prevention’ which is accessible and interactive.  Appealing to the entire target group, partially because of the appearance of employees from the location in Bergen op Zoom in the videos of the e-learning.

“Future Learning has helped us and taken us along, it’s a changeover! Even the support in entering the lesson module in our system was super. Future Learning is a great partner, for now and for the future.”

René van Popering - Production Trainer en Program Facilitator

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