Integrating e-learning within the HR Ecosystem

Bartiméus is an expertise organization that supports the blind and visually impaired to live life the way they want. Bartiméus has a lot of knowledge and experience in supporting people with visual and/or additional disabilities, if necessary, knowledge is gained in the form of new methods or training courses.

The question

For e-learning, Bartiméus has been using the LCMS ILIAS combined with author tool Trivantis Lectora for several years. There are already about 2000 e-learning modules available that are used in blended learning paths. Bartiméus has switched to the AFAS HR system.

The question for Future Learning was whether a link from AFAS to ILIAS could be made with as few login moments as possible.

The solution

The Future Learning team developed an ILIAS link with AFAS based on established standards such as REST and SAML. Employees are being directly from AFAS created as users and enrolled in ILIAS. This gives them direct access to all e-learning modules. The results obtained in ILIAS are then linked back to AFAS.

In addition, a ‘single sign-on’ option was developed, so that there is only one login moment for the user for both systems. 


The employees of Bartiméus do not feel that they are working with ‘numerous’ systems. After one login in AFAS, they can link directly to an e-learning in ILIAS. In the background, all data is being stored in the correct systems as desired.

The ILIAS environment runs like a Managed Service at Future Learning. The Service Level Agreement meets all the strict requirements that apply within the healthcare sector.

“Future Learning has completely unburdened Bartiméus in the field of e-learning and integration within the new HR ecosystem.”

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