UAE Air Force Air Defense Institute

Optimize learning outcomes of novice pilots

The United Arab Emirates is a country of more than 80,000 km² and 8 million inhabitants in the Middle East. This rich oil state invests a lot in the air force and buys modern Western aircraft.

The Question

UAE Air Force Air Defense Institute in Abu Dhabi had chosen for ILIAS as Learning and Content Management System. They saw ILIAS’s potential for digital supporting in classroom education and all kinds of additional digital learning activities such as Serious Games, which would allow them to optimize the learning outcome of pilots in training.  

Future Learning was asked by an Arab partner, ATSE, to collaborate with them to realize the wishes for this ILIAS learning platform for the UAE Air Force Air Defense Institute. 

The solution

With the specific training needs of the UAE Air Force Air Defense Institute, the ILIAS server and environment are set up after an implementation period of more than half a year. Partner ATSE is fully trained by Future Learning in the technical and application management of ILIAS.

Together with ATSE, a new Arabic system translation has been made of ILIAS.  Future Learning has developed a special corporate identity which supports Arabic writing.

At the same time, a project assignment was running to develop a Serious Game. Future Learning has developed a multiplayer map game in collaboration with Dutch partner BlueTea. 

The multiplayer map game can create a session with detailed ground maps. These ground maps are being stored on the ILIAS server, allowing participants to view them on their mobile devices and to create a strategic mission together.


The fully equipped Arab ILIAS environment is now in use to support classroom education. In particular, the digital testing in ILIAS is particularly appreciated as is the introduction of the multiplayer map game.

With the map game, the novice pilots learn strategic skills in an innovative way. Within a game session, different steps and layers can be used to create a strategic mission with multiple participants. A very attractive and interactive learning tool for an optimal learning result of pilots in training.

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