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Are you dealing with management, organization and development of training programs within your company? With future-oriented activities that will contribute positively to the operating result?

Future Learning can help you!

Whether it is starting a business academy, designing a digital learning environment, reporting or creating different types of excellent didactic company-specific customized training courses, Future Learning is happy to be at your service. Since we make learning attractive and effective for employees, and the organization of it manageable for you.

Latest news

Adobe Flash officially has End Of Life status!

Adobe Flash officially has End Of Life status as of December 31, 2020! Future Learning offers a helping hand with your Flash problems. There will be no more security updates for Flash, and you will...

What is a Learning Record Store?

A Learning Record Store, or LRS, is a system used in conjunction with the experience application programming interface (xAPI) to collect, store, and retrieve people's learning experiences. A...

Offer from Future Learning

Educational Services

Our educational experts provide advice and help you draw up clear didactic concepts and develop adequate, company-specific content. Together, they ensure an optimal learning yield.

Learning management services

Need efficient management capabilities for training and education? We install and provide secure storage, hosting through our managed services; the open source learning management system ILIAS.



If you want to learn more about certain items, we offer several training courses: educational training, training on ILIAS, on working with authoring tools, and more.


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