Training Response Network

Online training, tracking and reporting

TRN (Training Response Network) has a large library of online training and testing for police, fire brigade and prison personnel, especially in the United States. Much of the material consists of video and tests. Topics include COVID-19 Awareness, Violence Control and many other mostly mandatory training courses for a relatively young target group.

The question

TRN used version 4.0 of ILIAS until now and there were problems in modern browsers with security. In addition, the layout and user interface were no longer up to date.  There was also an intermediate portal built around ILIAS with a specific functionality. 

Future Learning was asked to analyze the situation and to give advice.

The solution

Future Learning has analyzed the current situation and had several workshops with TRN staff. The advice was to upgrade to the most recent version of ILIAS, version6, which solves most problems at once.

New functionalities, a modern interface and responsiveness are making ILIAS 6 attractive to the target group, also on mobile devices. An additional intermediate portal is no longer needed with the new functionalities.

The ILIAS 6 version has extensive APIs and interface such as LTI and xAPI, making it future proof for TRN and easier to link to, for example, a Learning Record System.


  • With ILIAS 6, TRN can offer a modern learning environment with almost all the necessary functionalities without an extra intermediate portal
  • ILIAS 6 offers an attractive and modern user interface which can be adapted to the look & feel of TRN with the help of Future Learning
  • The tailor-made trainings (workshops) of Future Learning allow the own staff to execute most of the items themselves 
  • TRN is once again able to compete well in a market where there is a great need for these online training with review and certification