Administration and training courses (basics)


Administration and training courses (basics)

How do you create a course and what opportunities do you have to manage courses? How do you add participants to a course? How can you offer learning material to the participants? What kind of communication options does ILIAS offer?

For whom:

As a teacher or employee of the course administration you already have some experience with ILIAS. You will learn the basic functionalities to set up and manage training courses.


  • General use ILIAS
    • Personal screen and personal profile
    • Navigation and main screens
  • Create and manage courses
    • Course settings and course information
    • Add items to courses
    • Course reference: what is it and what can you do with it?
  • Participant management
    • Add members
    • Classify participants into (work) groups
  • The legal system based on roles
  • Types of roles and the meaning of this
  • Communication options in ILIAS, among others:
    • Groups, e-mails and course news
    • Forums and chats
    • Social Bookmarking and web feeds
  • Course material and availability
    • Different types of course material
    • Tests, questions and exercises
    • Organize and manage course content

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