Important Dutch armed forces unit

Blended learning in a modernized ILIAS environment

An important unit of the armed forces needs a modern blended learning solution based on ILIAS. Many employees are trained in practice and on site. Many mandatory theoretical subjects are also discussed. 

Converting the theory more into video-based learning material appears to be effective for this target group. This also works well on mobile devices. Employees will have to travel less often to a central training location and will be able to learn in quiet working periods.

The question

ILIAS is already being used in this organization for a long time. This was still an older version which was not attractive to the target audience. In addition, they wanted to make some important course modules in the short term so that they can be used online in practice. 

Future Learning was asked to provide the expertise to create a modern attractive learning environment based on a newer version of ILIAS. 

Furthermore, Future Learning was asked for educational support in the creation of three course modules, together with the people of the training centre.

The solution

Future Learning has built a new ILIAS environment based on a recent version of ILIAS. The ‘look & feel’ and user interface have been modernized based on visual tiles and custom icons and texts. The system has been adapted for this specific armed force unit. 

Future Learning educationalists have developed storyboards together with the training consultants that can be developed by their own staff in ILIAS. In the course modules they are making use of the open source author environment H5P. H5P can be used directly in ILIAS to develop interactive videos.


  • A modern attractive user interface which also works well on mobile devices, so ILIAS functions well in every situation and is recognizable to the employees of this force
  • Three didactic storyboards for course modules that can be created in-house
  • Help and knowledge transfer for creating interactive video content based on H5P
  • The training advisors have gained experience in creating didactic online learning modules
  • Three online course modules which can in short term be deployed in practice on location and on mobile devices
  • Making online learning measurable for further analysis through advanced data collection based on LTI and xAPI