Introducing: Hester

“I am Hester, Senior (ILIAS) Consultant and Content Developer at Future Learning. I have been working at Future Learning for over 11 years now in this fun and dynamic job. My work cannot be captured in strictly defined working hours, so I cannot really describe a typical working day. I like the fact that I can generally just work from home.”



“As a Senior (ILIAS) Consultant I listen carefully to the wishes, questions, and problems of the customer regarding the learning management system (LMS) or the learning resources that they work with or would like to work with. With this information, our Future Learning team will look for the right solution.

We always keep in mind that our products are not the objective, but only the means to achieve the ultimate goal of the customer. Our finished products can range from an advisory plan, a very concrete scenario or implementation plan, separate learning modules up to a fully equipped learning platform.”

24/7 helpdesk customer support

“I am also part of our Helpdesk team. Customers who purchase an ILIAS package via Future Learning can count on technical support 24/7. In addition, we also offer functional support to customers as a package to be purchased separately. Even if the customer has their ILIAS or another LMS or authoring tool under their own management.

My work is mainly limited to the functional questions we receive via a ‘ticket system’. We strive to provide initial feedback on these questions within 24 hours. Given the diversity of (also international) customers and what they want and do with the various systems and tools, this can sometimes be quite a challenge. It is therefore always very satisfying if you can close a ticket to the satisfaction of the customer.”

From individual learning modules to onboarding processes

“As a content developer I am also involved in a number of Future Learning projects. I sometimes work all by myself with the client and sometimes in a team with our educationalists, animators, graphic designers, etc.. The assignments we receive vary from separate learning modules, complete courses up to fully developed onboarding learning trajectories.

To develop the content, we use the authoring tool that best suits the wishes of the customer. Examples of this are the authoring tool within ILIAS, H5P (which can also be used directly in ILIAS), Articulate Rise or Storyline and Adobe Captivate.

Sometimes a client already uses their own authoring tool and just needs ‘hands on’ help. In that case, I or one of my colleagues quickly master the tool and we offer the necessary help.
It is fun and creative work. Working with tight deadlines and sometimes little to no source material always remains a challenge for all of us. It is up to us to solve the puzzle in such a way that we have a happy customer with the result. Wonderful!”