Hiring a freelancer has advantages for many organizations. It offers a bit of flexibility and it can be financially attractive to opt for a self-employed person. But it is essential that the person you hire already has the desired level of knowledge. Or maybe someone still needs to be trained and tested in certain areas. But you also don’t want to overload someone with knowledge they already have. How do you ensure the knowledge level of the freelancer you hire is at the right level? In this article we take a closer look at this and explain how we can help organizations with this.


Personal learning paths

We can easily provide freelancers with a personal learning path. Together with our educationalists, we develop the quality objectives and work out ‘a Vision on Learning’ together with your organization. By properly checking detailed competencies in advance, the filled learning system will serve as a quality system, with a personal learning path, for the freelancer. In this way you do not only make your freelancers wiser within the organization, but an appropriately attractive offer is made available and the knowledge level remains up to date. Of course, this also applies to our own employees.



Learn without learning too much

As mentioned, it is important that we do not overload someone with knowledge that he or she already has. We overcome this problem with a personal learning path. They only learn what they specifically need to perform their job properly. If parts are already known, they do not have to be repeated or trained.

Many organizations have started profiling themselves as a “learning organization” by making an overdose of generic modules available. Many freelancers and employees are not waiting for that. They want to learn the exact knowledge and provide the specific qualities, about the work to be done.


A learning system as a quality system

This approach also allows your learning system to function as a quality system. This can demonstrably show how you work on quality and safety. Not to forget that quality is a continuous process. If you measure this once, you will not gain insight into the progress, but an adapted customer-specific own learning system does offer this!

Curious how this would work for your organization and how we can put together such a personal learning path for you? Request a free expert session.