In the past year, the Dutch government paid no less than 90 million euros to high schools to eliminate learning disadvantages and study delays. An estimated one-third of this is spent on private parties. These private parties include homework, tutoring and exam training companies.

The amount of subsidy paid out is seen as a ‘taster’ for the billions that the education system can expect in the coming years. Many schools would prefer to spend the allocated amount to improve their own education, but spend half or even more on private parties, due to the fact that the subsidy is a one-off payment and must be used up within 2.5 years.

How can we help you to both use the subsidy to improve your own education and to prevent learning disadvantages? Future Learning likes to develop didactic interactive e-learning for education in consultation with the teacher.

The students can gain extra knowledge at home through these innovative learning resources. E-learning can consist of combinations of interactive videos, animations, gamification parts, questions, texts, interactive pictures/photos and much more.

Would you like to talk to us about one or more of these learning resources? We can plan a free online expert session. In these sessions we can discuss possible solutions on how you could quickly and effectively create online learning solutions, possibly within the learning environments we offer, in order to avoid learning delays of the students. These sessions are also intended to provide you with the right information and to think along with you about the problem in order to come up with an actual achievable solution.

We are always open to help you now and at any time!

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