Adobe Flash officially has End Of Life status as of December 31, 2020!

Future Learning offers a helping hand with your Flash problems.

There will be no more security updates for Flash, and you will also not be allowed to download the Flash program as of the beginning of 2021. It is no longer possible to play Flash animations in your browser. Therefore, it is possible that you have problems with existing e-learning modules because there are Flash components in it. Flash was often used for animations or interactive commands.

In recent years, we have noticed that companies and schools using courses containing Flash components, are getting more and more problems with these courses.

Older versions of some e-learning module author tools (such as Articulate or Adobe Captivate) even exported the entire course as a Flash file. In the past, the Internet was started on the computer via Flash, playing Flash games online or through the many Flash websites of the 1990s.

For years now, HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly have been much better and especially safer alternatives that are supported by any browser, so these components can also be displayed through other devices such as the iPad.

Future Learning has the solution and is happy to help you update, deflash, distribute and commercialize the e-learning modules.

If you have e-learning modules containing only a few Flash components, they can often be re-developed with a small investment.  If this is possible, we will have a look at an alternative solution together.

Teaching material without animations is unthinkable nowadays, so all existing Flash material must be replaced by HTML5. When converting the material, you can stay as close as possible to the appearance and size of the original component, so it can be easily placed back in the original environment. However, you may also consider updating the material immediately. Here too, we can be of excellent service to you!

You will recognize that you have a Flash problem from the appearance of an empty box or by an Flash notification in your browser.

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