With offices in France and Canada, WhP is a company specializing in technical documentation and localization based on DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture). WhP’s lead generation process was primarily based on conferences, webinars, and physical or virtual one-on-one meetings. In these times, when physical encounters are not as frequent, WHP still wants to be able to reach the customers directly via on-demand learning sessions.

Online marketing occurs now mainly by using e-learning modules in a powerful LMS!
There are two objectives here:

  1. Firstly, the creation of awareness.
  2. Secondly the generation of customer data, which allows WhP to determine more precisely where the need lies with customers. And also what the level of knowledge is, for example about DITA.

We also see this trend among other training companies that are looking for online learning resources.

Future Learning is a partner for WhP because of its deep understanding of these objectives, which differ from those of a traditional training organization. And also the knowledge of ILIAS in combination with Articulate Storyline. WhP has chosen ILIAS as their LCMS because of its versatility and the ILIAS community behind it. In addition, there are also opportunities to work together mutually within the technical market. They have embraced e-learning as an important means of internal and external knowledge transfer.

Dominique Trouche PDG | CEO:

“We chose Future Learning to be our partner for:
They understood our objectives, which differed from those of a training organization,
They accepted our challenging deadline,
Given their expertise, they were able to optimize the efficiency of our project.”

Now we trust that we will enhance our commercial effectiveness with our Interactive sessions.
But also, since our DNA is innovation and differentiation, we are confident that Future Learning will be able to support us whatever our outlandish ideas.”

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