• MCB: Technical knowledge is safeguarded!
    MCB: Technical knowledge is safeguarded!


Hélène Beesems is HR- and Educational consultant with MCB Nederlands B.V., a wholesale business specialized in metal. Hélène: “ILIAS can be configured exactly the way we need it: very visual so that our employees can easily find their way. If we think that it is necessary that warehouse workers who work with hoisting equipment need to update their safety knowledge, they should be able to do so by sitting behind a computer for half an hour to learn followed by answering some questions. There is no longer a need to organize face-to-face sessions. This saves the organization time and money.

“We choose for ILIAS because it contains many functionalities that we wanted, like forums, chatroom, tests/assessments, etc. ILIAS is also attractive in a financially because it is an open-source system.

Many large organizations work with ILIAS so we don’t feel the need to worry about security. NATO uses ILIAS for example. And what we also find important is that ILIAS works well on tablets.”

“Future Learning bv made us technical modules about materials science. We only delivered the content and illustrations. They gave us good input. We find the easy cooperation and their knowledge the strength of Future Learning bv.”

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