Knowledge is not only everything you know, it is also about your skills. Assurance of knowledge means that you pass on the knowledge of the employee who is leaving to (new) people within your organization. By knowledge we mean all of information, experience and skills together. In this blog we explain why this is so important for an organization. And what you can do about this yourself.

Diplomas are just a start 

Diplomas are often the base for training, but in practice it turns out that it is only a starting point. People like to develop and this development is often a logical consequence of several years of experience within a company. 

It’s the experience that counts 

Someone can start at the bottom of a company and work their way up with years of experience. In this way, someone can eventually rise to a technical engineer with many years of experience at your company. 

This person has worked on many different projects, gaining experience everywhere. This person has worked with many people and gained knowledge and skills everywhere. He or she became a project manager and will eventually retire. Years of knowledge is taken along by this person and disappears from the company. 

A big problem for technical companies 

We see many technical companies dealing with this issue. Specific knowledge of the person with years of experience is lost and cannot be compared with knowledge from basic training books.

But not only technical companies are affected by this. Other organizations also have to deal with the fact of people with years of knowledge and experience leaving. Who either go to another company, or grow into another position. 

How can you safeguard this knowledge and experience?

It is possible to digitize all this expertise and bundle it into modules. In this way a training is created. Specific parts can be trained in order to reach a level that can serve as a benchmark. Not only for current employees, but also for those of the employees who will follow. 

Want to know more about this? 

Our educationalists are happy to sit down with your content experts to realize a suitable learning trajectory. Think of company-specific training courses. You create your own training that safeguards knowledge assurance for the future! 

One company we have done this for is MCB Nederland. Check out here how we did that!