company-specific training


company-specific training


There is nothing better than a growing organization! In order to realize this growth, you sometimes need new employees. When your experienced staff leaves and retires, the time has come to give a new generation on the job market a chance.

This younger generation is well-trained, but sometimes has little practical experience and no knowledge about the executive activities of your organization.

How do you, as an employer, ensure that ‘new’ staff can quickly and effectively participate in the organization without spending too much time and money on their work? And how do you ensure that knowledge is safeguarded in your organization?

E-learning or blended learning can play a very effective role in transferring and safeguarding company-specific knowledge.

Future Learning can help you to create company-specific training courses for your staff!

We can record the knowledge in a sustainable way in the form of e-learning modules and blended learning trajectories. The modules consist of various alternating and interactive learning forms.

Employees can thus become proficient with a playfull thouch in their working environment and the tasks that go with them.

The training does not only have to be made on the computer at work. They are also available on the go, for example on your smartphone or at home with a tablet on the couch. And can of course be combined with practical sessions.

” We now have an e-learning system at four levels in numerous substantive, didactic and interactive modules on Materials Science. Everyone can become proficient in the profession, learn to understand each other’s work field better and take them into account, and it offers perspective to those who want to work their way up within the company …”

– Wonnie van Beek –
Metallurgical Adviser and Teacher, MCB Nederland B.V.

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