In the current “social distance” time there is especially a need for efficient and effective knowledge sharing, both for government, schools and companies. Luckily the digital world is available and is safe and secure for sharing knowledge rapidly.
Online learning has been developed over the last 40 years as a very viable option and has no restrictions compared to classroom training. It even offers additional possibilities in the virtual world previously not available. As a plus it is including social interaction. Blended learning is a mix of all the different activities that are needed to help people to learn exactly what they need to know right now.

So how can we help your organization with high quality online learning with measurable results? Many of our customers in government, corporate world, education and healthcare have been doing this for years with our help and assistance. We do not only provide the building blocks such as a Learning Management System, a Virtual Classroom, and assistance with tools for creating online learning materials and with content development.

But also sound advice. The main question for many learning professionals right now is how to provide classroom training online? What are the most relevant online learning activities? Which tools are available to develop interactive online learning materials easily? How to develop a plan for implementing online learning structurally?

We provide answers to these questions to help to create good solutions. We organize free Expert Consultation sessions online. In these sessions we discuss possible solutions how to quickly develop online digital solutions within ILIAS and other tools depending on actual needs. ILIAS stands for Integrated Learning, Information and collAboration System.
These sessions are meant to provide direction and actual solutions.
The main question is how in “at home” working situations high quality learning can be ensured both for workers and for students.
Future Learning works together actively with the best partners in the online learning field.

We are here to help you right now and at any time!