Open source learning- and content management system

ILIAS as a learning environment.

You probably have experience with digital learning. ILIAS is a learning environment and learning management system.
If you have less experience with LMS, we advise you to go to our page with explanations about learning management services. There you will find a very precise explanation what digital learning can mean for you and your organization.

Experience with a LMS

Beautiful! Then we will tell you some more about ILIAS. An organization, company, government or educational institution needs to organize training and knowledge in a simple, organization-specific way with an LMS. It is not entirely unimportant that this LMS is also affordable. And then there are many organizations that need a multilingual LMS environment. If that describes your situation well, you will find an ideal solution in ILIAS.


ILIAS is open source software for which you do not have to pay a license.
It is an extensive professional Learning Content Management System that is suitable for up to no less than 100,000 users.

You can use ILIAS to manage your course in a simple way, but you can also create complex platforms in which you can collaborate fully.


ILIAS is modern. This is important because most users will seek access via their smartphone which makes it crucial that it is offered as a responsive website.

In other words, that it is always easy to use and readable regardless of which screen someone is using. So whether your employee uses an iPad, iPhone, Android, PC or tablet … it always looks optimal.

Click below to see some screen examples of ILIAS learning environments.

“ATS training believes in blended learning solutions. ILIAS has well-thought-out didactic concepts that fit well with our wishes, for example the Learning Objective view. This view brings a powerful didactic flexibility …”

– Bert van der Linden –
Consultant Smart Industry and Senior Lecturer IA & IT,
ATS Applied Tech Systems B.V.

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