The job market is overstrained, there are now even 133 vacancies per 100 unemployed (source: CBS). A logical consequence of this is that there are inexperienced employees in various positions. Look at the problems at Schiphol, but also in the catering industry (where most vacancies are open), logistics, at helpdesk functions, you will encounter the same problem everywhere. And not alone in the Netherlands.

But what can we do about the staff shortage?

There are, of course, several roads that lead to Rome. There are still people

available for work, the unemployed or people who want to work more hours. By perhaps organizing childcare differently, parents can work more.

We can also offer the elderly and people with an occupational disability more opportunities in the job market. Or we can invest in labour-saving technologies. And what do you think of paying better for employees? That also happens too little.

But don’t forget that training people or retraining current employees is also a nice option! And there are many other things to think of.

Offering quality remains a must

Companies want to continue to offer the same quality and speed to their customers, but their new employees simply work slower. And that’s not surprising, because when you start somewhere new there is a lot to learn. And then it is also immediately very busy at your new position.

Onboarding must be done quickly and properly

You can actually see it in the vacancies that are open, there are many vacancies at large companies often looking for learning consultants. These should ensure that the onboarding of new employees happens quickly. But also good of course. In this way these employees are faster incorporated and they can function for the full 100% faster.

The learning consultant must look for an onboarding method that fits for every position to the target audience and the company. That is sometimes quite a tough job, because this learning also consultant must pick up the work very quickly and must not delay.

How can Future Learning help with this?

We at Future Learning also have these learning & development people for you. They can take over the full onboarding process at companies. Temporary or permanent. For this we can use a learning experience platform in combination with modern interactive video and virtual reality content. This ensures cost savings and time savings.

A company can of course also use the learning experience platform that is already being used at the moment. Our consultants are familiar with almost all systems or learn quickly the one already used.

We can also work with companies that have already hired a learning consultant. We can offer a learning management system that best suits the company and the position. We can even offer support to help the learning consultant in using the tool.

All this to make it really easy for companies to get their new employees on board quickly! Want to know more about this? Feel free to contact us!