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E-learning can be used for different purposes. It goes beyond just training your own employees. The knowledge the staff acquires during the training does not only have to be an internal advantage for the company. There are also stakeholders outside the company who can benefit from this knowledge transfer from employees.

As a producer, you want your product to reach the customer. And the more complex the product is, the bigger the ‘user guide’ must be. After all, the end user wants to know how he or she can use it optimally. By training not only the own staff, but also suppliers and customers, one gets more than just a manual. The customer has a bag of knowledge about the correct use and applications of your product. The consequence? Customer satisfaction is rising and they can in turn provide advice to third parties. Positive word-of-mouth advertising is increasing!

Bolton Adhesives (among others known from Bison glue and adhesive sealant products) has already made use of this custom customer training. They wanted to provide more information in a user-friendly way about their products to their own employees and to construction market employees. Because DIY stores (hardware ‘Do It Yourself’ stores) are important customers of Bolton Adhesives.

Together with the expertise of Future Learning, a didactic, attractive module for Bolton Adhesives has been developed about the basic knowledge of gluing. During the training, questions are asked to the students and new information is given. In this way they gather more knowledge about the different applications of glue products. As a result, DIY store employees can give the end user the correct adhesive advice.

“E-learning is a great opportunity to train people around the world and to train them about the Bolton Adhesives products. DYI stores are among other important customers. As a result, DIY store employees can give the end user the correct adhesive advice …”

– Margot Haest –
Sr. Manager Corporate Communication, Bolton Adhesives

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