Five tips for onboarding

Keep the jobhoppers too!

Five tips for an unforgettable onboarding

Innumerable different companies, but also innumerable different learning solutions …

We would like to discover together with you which didactic concept and which learning solution fits best within your company.

Because we have experience in developing processes for a wide range of customers, we realize that every customer has his own needs.

Here we already give you five tips, so you can see if Future Learning can mean something for you!

Tip 1

Don't forget the preboarding….

Whether this took place three or thirty years ago, you will never forget that incredibly exciting first working day. To ensure a minimum of nodding knees and to give employees a warm welcome, we can provide your company with preboarding.

Even before the start of their career within your company, your employees know what they can expect about the first working day , they get a view of their immediate colleagues and they know what they should or should not bring! Online learning offers the ideal solution for this: your employee can choose when he or she starts working.


Tip 2

Just turn it around: Flipped Classroom

And what about after the preboarding? Well, in the past training programs often consisted of a training day, in which you were presented with a huge amount of theory. But … isn’t it more interesting to communicate this theory via e-learning? This way the newcomers can go through the theory at their own pace and chosen time. This allows you to use the possible training day much better: for example, you can set up all kinds of exercises, whereby they can put the theory into practice. Research shows that learning by doing has an enormous impact on the effectiveness of your new employees!

Do you implement questions in the online module via ILIAS, for example? Then as a teacher you can keep track of where the employers are struggling. You get a simple overview of who made which mistakes. This way you know perfectly what you can pay extra attention to during the training day. Or you can of course pass it on to the newcomer’s mentor!

Tip 3

Learn with and from each other!

It is nice to know you are not alone. Social learning ensures that students can learn with ánd from each other. Via the various communication options in ILIAS, you can also stimulate this via the online platform. This allows newcomers to talk to their fellow starters ánd you give the signal that dialogue and interaction are more than welcome within your company.

Future Learning can provide forums, an integrated chat system and a news system! This way students (and teachers!) Can communicate with each other in a very accessible way. Collaborative learning: check!


Tip 4

Think outside the box

Future Learning: the name says it all. We always try to think in the future. That is why we like to experiment with the possibilities of e.g. Virtual Reality, 360° videos and interactive animations. We completely immerse learners in work situations unknown to them through the most innovative learning solutions.

Just fun, because of the hype factor? No, there are numerous companies that already use VR during onboarding, such as Air France, Microsoft and L’Oréal. Consider, for example, employers who have to work in dangerous situations, which they can go through in advance and without risk. Or all kinds of role plays that can be simulated via Virtual Realty!

Tip 5

An inspiring long-term process ...

Of course you can tell your employees that they must read a certain book or follow a theoretical course. But how much do they really remember? A successful onboarding is not finished after a day. With efficient organizations, it takes one up to three months! But how do you keep them enthusiastic all those weeks? How do you give employers a good impression of your company? And vice versa: how do you get a good idea of the newcomers?

At Future Learning we are happy to help you with that! Together with your employees we formulate the learning objectives, we examine the preconditions and we develop inspiring learning content in the form of animations, videos, test questions, games and so on!


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