How to keep job hoppers onboard

Job-hopping millennials, huge staff changes and stiff starters: we see it everywhere. A solution for this persistent problem? Get acquaintanted with onboarding!
But what does onboarding actually mean? Could it be an added value for my company? And how do you develop such a learning path? Here we provide answers to all your urgent questions.


What to do against jobhopping?

Open a newspaper and you come across it: the “job hopping” phenomenon is becoming more and more common and your workplace will also have to deal with it. A huge study by Deloitte among more than 10,000 millennials shows that only 28 percent say they want to stay with the same employer for more than five years. In addition – and this does not only apply to the millennials – no less than twenty percent of employees leave the organization within 45 days.

But what can you do about this? Well, ensure a good pre- and onboarding process … This increases staff retention by no less than 25 percent! As you can see, you can’t really overestimate the importance of good onboarding. After a successful onboarding trajectory, employees are more positive about their job, are trained faster and have more confidence in their new position.