But how do you do that? How do you ensure that an employee feels valued within your company?

Appreciation is not directly related to a higher salary, a reward or a bonus. It has nothing to do with money in the first place. In this blog we give you tips that can help you!

Positive atmosphere

A positive atmosphere in the workplace is important to be able to go to work every day with a smile, that’s obvious. Pay attention to the people around you and have a little humor at work! By making people laugh, you make sure that negativity is felt less heavily.

Let people develop

People want to develop continuously, it gives them satisfaction and keeps them accurate. It not only ensures more job satisfaction, but also more skilled employees. As an employer, you will also benefit from this.

To value means to appreciate and that includes developing talent. Employees feel valued when their talent can be further developed within the organization and when there is room for education, training or courses.

It is easy that this can also be done online. Then the results are immediately visible after the training. In this way, your quality or HR employee can immediately see who has completed what with what result and can further anticipate this.

Give compliments

When you have achieved a goal, or completed an assignment, you feel happy. We would like to feel happy again and so someone will want to repeat this behavior.

Complimenting this behavior is extra motivating. The compliment can also be accompanied by a reward. An immediate reward works better than a reward in the future. Therefore, annual rewards work much less well than an immediate (smaller) reward.

It is also important to publicly express your appreciation. This creates confidence in the employee. This is why ‘Employee of the Month’ works so well. A manager who addresses the team and makes compliments, that’s important. This ensures that someone wants to work within this team.

And did you know that giving someone a compliment is also good for yourself? People even like giving a gift to someone more than receiving one. This only works if you do it with personal attention. So giving something by email, a compliment or a gift, that doesn’t work.


Which tip will you use right away?

So, who are you going to compliment today? Or do you want to get started with the development of your employees?

Future Learning likes to map out in which area you can let your employees learn within your organization. Feel free to contact us!