Introducing: Dominique

“I am Dominique, the Office Coordinator of Future Learning. My working days at Future Learning are never the same, because we have many different types of clients who are each in different stages of our collaboration.”

A versatile function!

“I also act as the right-hand of our CEO, Joke van Cappelle, I carry out everything that Joke needs assistance with. From booking appointments, e-mail contact with customers to reviewing contracts and making translations. When we have customer appointments or events, we travel together across the country and beyond.”

What a working day looks like

“Because I generally work in the mornings and do have a coordinating task, the standard day starts with a work meeting. Where are we and what are we working on today and for fun we always talk about how we are doing personally.

For example, we recently attended a meeting for the Dutch Defense in Utrecht regarding collaborations. The nice thing is that you also meet other companies there with the same goal, but needs within their own organization of what we have to offer.

In this way you can achieve collaborations in two ways by visiting events, which makes my position very interesting. It is very instructive to see where companies get stuck when it comes to knowledge innovation and it is really nice that there is never a request for help that we cannot solve when it comes to content development and learning management.

After our work meeting, I started setting out the actions internally for our experts for the collaboration with the Dutch Defence, uploading documents and entering deadlines for when the actions must be completed by our experts.”

Short break…

“We take a break with the team, usually we drink tea in our meeting room. We often talk about what is planned for the near future. After tea I get to work with the obtained business cards and notes from the other attendees with whom both Joke and I spoke at the meeting, possibly new customers!

I take our notes with me to send personalized e-mails, offers tailored to need. I plan in the calendar when I will contact people again if we have not heard anything in response and then the morning is already over.

Tomorrow is another day with online meetings with the Belgian government that is already a customer and a possible new customer, aircraft manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.”