Is your organisation also looking for expansion in the field of (international) training? Then quickly read on…

Many organisations notice that there is an increasing need to realize a learning environment for their own customers, with an emphasis on organizing training at different levels: basic, standard and expert.

This interest arose in response to the corona virus, which has resulted in a switch to online and remote working. And to stay up-to-date, it is important to keep acquiring new knowledge. This can be done in theory as well as in practice and it is important to realize this in the short term and thus provide customers with further training about the latest systems.

Curious about how Future Learning can help with this? We would be happy to discuss the various options available with regard the learning management system of ILIAS. ILIAS is also a software environment for organizing educational activities and for developing, sharing and managing knowledge.

During a free expert session, our experts contribute ideas about the organization structure, rights and roles, which functions will or will not be used and our educational experts advise, in consultation, how the training courses can be ideally organized, looking at both the theoretical part and making learning attractive and clarifying the learning itself by means of, for example, making animations, interactive videos and other visual material.

There is also room for interactive learning within the learning environment, so that a complete blended learning is achieved and theory can be linked to practice. This will make learning and training a lot easier and more efficient.

So schedule a meeting with one of our experts today to arrive at a truly feasible solution that is fast and efficient!

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