E-learning is also in full swing at Defense. This was not yet discussed before corona, which means that offering learning material via the internet was only a promise for the participants.

According to the Head of Research & Development, training personnel is essential for the war effort and should be continued, despite the effects of the corona virus.

For years, Defense has provided lessons in an expertise center to keep the military up-to-date on basic skills, but the subject matter was often too boring and long-winded for many participants , which in turn resulted in a long search for the right information. Incidentally, this was the reason for the Ministry of Defense to tackle the improvement of distance education.

Now that e-learning is also available at the Ministry of Defense, this is a major step forward. The course material is available for an unlimited number of users and a lesson package has been compiled that consists of apps for different subjects that the participants can use. These options have been developed for the smartphone and tablet and can be followed from home (or elsewhere at a distance).

Defense has also been decided to convert a classical basic training, normally lasts 7 months to a blended learning training, so that the basic training lasts approximately 4 months. It was made as a variety of classroom sessions and e-learning modules, supplemented with interactive videos and animations.

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