Avans organizes an annual education day for teachers to gain inspiration, exchange ideas and mainly to learn from each other. During this day different academies organize an activity related to the topic they want to address. And the teachers can participate in these activities. This year 2 interns from Future Learning were present to learn more about blended learning within Avans. They held a kind of talk show with the ICT department in which they thus talked about online education.

The sessions

There were 4 different sessions in which educational experts, ICTO coaches and teachers talked about the online education at the moment and how we could better deal with it in the future. In these conversations, the perspectives were also looked at from 3 different angles, which led to great insights for everyone. This way it became clear how everyone experiences the education now, and what goes well and what not so well.

The insights

In the various sessions, the advantages and disadvantages of both teacher and student emerged regarding online education. For example, instructors find it difficult to connect with students, create interaction and support them personally. And students find it difficult to stay motivated and focused for school.

During the education day we talked about this with each other and we immediately noticed that by talking about this with teachers and students among ourselves, we can help each other enormously. Because who better to tell you if your material comes across well because of the way of teaching you are now using than the students? And who better to guide you through your career as a student than the teacher?

In short, the most important thing is to communicate well with each other and help each other, give advice about teaching. In addition, it is also important to give teaching a personal touch. By putting your passion for your profession into teaching, you will inspire the students enormously and create a good bond with them.

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