You can not ignore it: no matter how you want to distinguish yourself as an organization, it remains extremely important to invest in your people. After all, the staff is the engine of your organization. They keep things going. Positive vibes in an organization can be extra motivating for employees to develop. Certain skills are required for this. We call these skills soft skills.

Soft skills are personal skills that mainly show themselves in relation to others. They are communicative and social skills, involving emotional intelligence, personal efficiency and leadership. But dealing well with yourself, the ability to focus and react resiliently to setbacks are also part of soft skills.

For example, a bus driver can manage his driving techniques well, but that does not make him a courteous driver in traffic. Being friendly and being able to communicate well with the travelers are in this case soft skills that must be well developed.

Future Learning can help your staff in training soft skills. By implementing knowledge aspects via an e-learning module and / or in an online learning environment, it is possible for employees to practice these skills in a safe and realistic situation. Many different variations are possible within the training sessions. For example, video fragments can be developed that show good or wrong behavior with related questions in quiz form, or … There are of course many more possibilities with soft skills training. Each softskill requires different learning tools.

An important facet in soft skills training is giving and receiving feedback. That is why we stimulate interaction with others in the learning environment. We realize this by giving participants in the training courses the opportunity to invite a ‘supporter’ to give feedback. This can be a colleague, yourself as an employer or a hired teacher. The given tips can be processed by the student and taken to a new lesson. This way your employee is prepared as well as possible for what is to come in practice!

“We are happy with the support of Future Learning bv. They work quickly and have the right expertise…”

– Toon Coopmans –
Technical Service Manager, Interfood

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