The NATO Communications and Information Agency is engaged in applied technical-scientific research for the benefit of the alliance, particularly in the field of intelligent computer systems.

Support for NATO operations is top priority.


Future Learning recently completed a project for Joint Advanced Distributed Learning (JADL) and NCI Agency (NATO Communications and Information Agency). NATO has been working with ILIAS as LMS since 2009. ILIAS also has a very good implementation of e-learning standards, especially SCORM, so it is open to different types of learning content.

ILIAS is being used by NATO and NATO schools such as the NATO School in Oberammergau, but also, for example, the Center of Excellence for Civil Military Interaction in The Hague (CIMIC).

Various defence organizations in Europe and also in the US have already invested in ILIAS to ensure that this learning environment can continue to meet their requirements and wishes. In this way, NATO continues to evaluate whether LMS meets the high demands of the various NATO countries.
Future Learning has created a new server for NATO based on ILIAS 5.2, the most recent version. This is a modern responsive user interface for all NATO, designed to be available in the field.

This new ILIAS server has set up the entire NATO training structure to give all NATO schools their own space. A search function has also been added to the main menu with which the search engine of ILIAS can search easily on the basis of NATO course codes (ETOC). Future Learning has also created user-friendly templates for every NATO school with a standard structure and design that can be easily adapted for each school.

The design of the new server has also been completely modernized and adapted to the requirements and wishes in the field of mobile use. The reference server provided by Future Learning has advanced search functionality for the content of all NATO schools.

We have also tested the functioning of the ILIAS servers on two continents (US and Europe): if one of them fails, can the other party immediately take over the tasks? That is possible, that test has succeeded! Important, of course, for such a globally operating organization such as NATO in which e-learning and blended learning play an increasingly important role in the training of employees.

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