Sales training product knowledge

Every employee must understand the product portfolio of the organization. Similarly the sales department.

Your account manager or sales department employee does not always see the inside of the organization. In many cases he is very busy with acquisition and maintaining relationships with existing customers. The focus on product-related knowledge is sometimes lost. This can be at the expense of recruiting new orders.

The customer wants a fast and good service. If your employee can discuss the problem of the (potential) customer and has sufficient knowledge about the product to sell, this will create a lot of confidence.

This will make the customer more inclined to choose for you. It is therefore wise to let your sales employees regularly familiarize themselves with the origin, operation, trends and developments of your product.

Future Learning is happy to lend a helping hand in this. We can make company-specific sales training for your staff, with the emphasis on product knowledge.

What does a sales training product knowledge do for your company?

Your employees become more involved in the activities of the organization.
The problem-solving capacity within your organization will increase. It takes less time (and therefore money!) to notice problems of the customer and provide them with good advice.
Your account manager can discuss the customer’s problem in a more in-depth way. This makes a professional impression and increases the chances of recruiting new assignments.
You increase the service level within the organization.
“ILIAS is more than just a learning environment. It can also be used as a quality management system and marketing tool when sharing documentation with the customer ….”

– Toon Coopmans –
Technical Service Manager, Interfood

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