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“Enhance our training with ILIAS”
  • AeroTraining: “Enhance our training with ILIAS”
    AeroTraining: “Enhance our training with ILIAS”


Ian McCallum, Head of Training at AeroTraining: “We want to enhance our training with ILIAS, not replace it.”
AeroTraining provides trainings for users of observational media for the Air Force, police, Border Patrol, etc. It’s about airborne surveillance systems such as RADAR, Electro Optics, Infrared (EO-IR), Electronic Warfare and acoustic systems. The trainings are about the technologies the systems use, the different brands and models and the tectonic environment in which the media is used.
AeroTraining wants to train interactive and with the use of simulations, the trainees can practice with the instruments. Also, the multilingualism of ILIAS is an important benefit. AeroTraining works for businesses such as Airbus, FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Ministry of Defence of Abu Dhabi and the NATO.

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