• Hospital SFG: In ILIAS developing SCORM e-learning modules
    Hospital SFG: In ILIAS developing SCORM e-learning modules


The SFG hospital has been working with ILIAS for three months now; content needs to be moved from one system to another. They switched to ILIAS because ILIAS has an excellent and user-friendly content editor, excellent communication facilities (discussion groups, forums, mail, wiki, chat, etc.) and allows for a media library. The reason for looking for a new LMS was the fact that the prior system was a proprietary system and content was not developed using SCORM; this made it impossible to transfer the content.

Arjen Versteeg is the ILIAS administrator. He uses the extensive ILIAS reporting functions to retrieve the management information needed and is very satisfied with the many possibilities.

His colleague, Martina, is stating that the many functionalities in ILIAS are one of the strong arguments for ILIAS. “However, that implies that, as user, you need to know very well what it is that you want from the system. That was an eye-opener for us. Not until we had set our parameters, a well-stocked media library and a well-defined glossary, were we able to fully use ILIAS as we need it.”, according to Martina.”