• SCIO Consult: Supporting learningprocess with userfriendly environment
    SCIO Consult: Supporting learningprocess with userfriendly environment

SCIO consult

Being connected with each other’s knowledge and skills: this is an important core value of SCIO Consult. This company offers consulting services to local authorities and health insurance companies, etc. As a knowledge supplier, the company helps her customers with questions within the social domain. Remco van der Zwan is training consultant at SCIO Consultant and has the task of designing and implementing e-learning.

The company searched for an user-friendly learning environment for the support of the learning process of its trainees and teachers. Also a system for the simplifying of internal work processes were wished. A customer of SCIO Consult recommended ILIAS. Remco: “One of our customers already used ILIAS and was really satisfied.

The possibility to import SCORM-packages from external authoring tools, like Lectora, was a requirement. ILIAS meets all of our needs. Also, the purchase costs are low.” The company has a positive experience with ILIAS.

Remco is very positive about Future Learning bv. Remco: “We were looking for an intermediary which could host our learning environment and help us with problems or trends.” They found this at Future Learning bv. Remco: “The cooperation with Future Learning bv is great. It is an innovative organisation which can anticipate our needs. The trainings we joined were of good quality with professional lecturers. Highly practice-based. We implemented new knowledge immediately during the training.”

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