• Festo: Share new developments with suppliers and customers.
    Festo: Share new developments with suppliers and customers.

“Welcome to Festo, worldwide leader in automation and a world market leader in industrial training and development. At Festo, 16,700 employees in 176 countries pursue a common goal: the maximum productivity and competitiveness of our customers in factory and process automation.”
To improve and keep competencies of employees and customers is an important goal of this beautiful company that offers high-quality solutions in the area of industrial and process automation. Well trained employees are harder and harder to find. That is why Festo has the Festo Academy, an online learning system where face-to-face training is combined with e-learning and Webinars. Festo Academy is built with ILIAS.

Jeroen Mars is Product Marketing Manager Training & Consulting at Festo Didactic. This company division provides courses and training for employees of customers and supports vocational school with the development of their online learning environments. Mars recommends his customers to use ILIAS because it is an open-course system; this keeps the costs down. More importantly, ILIAS has many possibilities and allows for the schools to choose exactly those functionalities that they need.

Jeroen: “What I find a very strong point of ILIAS is the security within ILIAS. The privacy of our participants is well protected, learning progress for example can only be viewed by the participants themselves and the tutor of the course. This is done through the roles and permissions in ILIAS. Using roles and permissions you can defines exactly who has what permissions to what data. This is one of the reasons that the Dutch Department of Defense has chosen for ILIAS. I am also very happy with the possibility to create assessments in ILIAS. ILIAS has extensive assessment facilities built-in so we don’t need to hire programmers to develop these using other tools. The author or tutor can do this him/herself.”

The Festo Academy started on January 1, 2014. Jeroen: “We didn’t change much to the skin, we only gave it the look-and-feel of our company. We started with a pilot, but meanwhile several of our customers is now using the system. The skin can be adapted for each customer as required. Some customers set up their own Academy; that works well in co-operation with our training facilities. Customers are very happy with the flexibility of ILIAS, the low costs and the option to integrate training with the regular work. An additional advantage is that learning progress can be viewed immediately online. The participants call ILIAS a ‘super tool’. They can find their way easily, they determine when to learn which saves them a lot of traveling time.”

Jeroen is very satisfied with the assistance of Future Learning BV. “Future Learning is a company with a lot of expertise. They are thè ILIAS specialist, that is something we had figured out quickly. It creates trust. This, combined with their short lines of communications and the fact that they ask the relevant questions when we have a problem, makes that we never have to wait long for a solution. We enjoy involving Future Learning.”